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The Criterion Challenge

The Criterion Challenge
Think you can conquer The Criterion Challenge?
From Thursday 27 June
All day
Criterion Hotel

Are you ready to take on the ultimate dining challenge? Introducing THE CRITERION CHALLENGE, where your appetite and speed will be put to the test! This is not just any food challenge – this is a test of strength, endurance, and sheer willpower.

The Challenge:

  • Tackle a Kilo of Steak and Sides in 20 Minutes or Less: Think you have what it takes? Finish it in time and walk away with a limited edition Criterion Challenge polo shirt!

Go for the Gold:

  • Fastest Time Wins Your Weight in XXXX Gold: That’s right! If you set the fastest time, you’ll win your weight in XXXX gold (cartons of beer)!

This is your moment to shine. Gather your friends, bring your biggest appetite, and see if you can conquer THE CRITERION CHALLENGE.